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It is no secret that President Donald Trump holds disdain for the city of Chicago and its city government and personnel. On Monday, it was made perfectly clear that the city, which last had a Republican mayor in 1931, returns the sentiment.

Trump was in the city to address the International Association of Chiefs of Police conference attended by police officials from around the U.S. as well as from foreign nations. At the beginning of his speech, the President complained because Chicago Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson chose to attend to the needs of Chicago residents rather than to attend Trump's speech.

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Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson, left, speaks at Cal Anderson Park during the March for Our Lives rally on March 24, 2018 in Seattle, Washington. (Photo by Lindsey Wasson/Getty Images)

After a series of mass shootings in the last two years leading up to the November 2018 elections and little response beyond thoughts and prayers from a Republican controlled White House and Congress, voters in Washington state decided to pass their own tougher restrictions. Gun control initiative 1639 passed with almost 60 percent approval.

But 13 sheriffs in the state publicly declared they do not care about laws or the public's mandates. After they stated they would ignore the laws of Washington state in favor of their own opinions, Attorney General Bob Ferguson addressed the issue with an open letter outlining the consequences of law enforcement officials disobeying and disregarding laws they do not like.

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BRENTWOOD, NY - JULY 28: President Donald Trump speaks at Suffolk Community College on July 28, 2017 in Brentwood, New York. Trump, speaking close to where the violent street gang MS-13 has committed a number of murders, urged Congress to dedicate more funding to border enforcement and faster deportations. Trump spoke to an audience that included to law enforcement officers and the family members of crime victims. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

Greg Doucette has a problem. #FSCK ‘Em All — his 30-minute podcast — is never 30 minutes long.

That’s because Doucette uses his weekly check on America’s legal system to detail cases of abuse by police forces against the very people they’re sworn to protect. He never lacks for material, and his 30-minute update often runs to 70 or 80 minutes.

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On Wednesday, South Carolina Sen. Tim Scott––the only black senator at the Republican conference and one of just two in the upper chamber––delivered a personal speech on the Senate floor addressing the “deep divide” between communities and law enforcement. In the course of one year as an elected official, Scott asserted, he has been pulled over by law enforcement no less than seven times. "Was I speeding sometimes? Sure,” he admitted. “But the vast majority of the time I was pulled over for driving a new car in the wrong neighborhood or something else just as trivial." Scott’s address is the second of three in response to a lone gunman shooting and killing five officers in Dallas last week.

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Two fatal police shootings in Louisiana and Minnesota sparked protests around the country this week. All of these protests were peaceful demonstrations, except for Dallas where things quickly turned violent after shots rang out.

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