As if the Iowa Caucuses weren't chaotic enough, one caucus goer was stunned to learn that former South Bend, Indiana Mayor and 2020 presidential contender, Pete Buttigieg, is gay.

Unlike the vast majority of Democrats, the woman wanted to withdraw her paper vote for Mayor Pete because she didn't believe a gay person could belong in the White House.

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Fox News // Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images

Democrats were frustrated on Tuesday night when the results of the long-awaited Iowa caucuses were stalled due to what the Iowa Democratic Party said was a coding error.

The results remain delayed until the state Democratic party can account for a number of inconsistencies reported through a new app it was using to count the results.

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Sarah Silbiger/Getty Images // MARK RALSTON/AFP via Getty Images

With the Iowa Caucuses only hours away, Democratic presidential candidates are doing a last minute push to convince caucus-goers that they're the best choice to defeat President Donald Trump this November.

Naturally, Trump's allies are trying to introduce the same disinformation that helped the President's 2016 campaign carry a victory.

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