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Biden Administration Returns Texas Family's Land After Trump Seized It for Border Wall
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images // Mario Tama/Getty Images

A key platform of former President Donald Trump's 2016 and 2020 campaigns was a giant wall at the southern border, which he believed would stop the flow of illegal border crossings into the country.

By the end of his first and—so far—only term in office, Trump's administration only completed just over 80 miles of new wall, with most of its funding going instead toward refurbishing hundreds of miles of already existing fencing.

Trump's administration relied on "Eminent Domain"—or the government's ability to seize private land while providing compensation—to keep the wall moving. One family that fell victim to this seizure was the Cavazos family of Texas.

The family has for years been entrenched in litigation fighting to keep their 6.5 acre land along the Rio Grande ever since the Trump administration claimed it.

Now, according to reporting from Priscilla Alvarez of CNN, the Biden administration has begun the process of returning the land to the Cavazos family, as part of the administration's efforts in returning seized land.

The Texas Civil Rights Project, which represents Eloisa Cavazos, tweeted about the development.

The Cavazos family weren't the only ones overjoyed at the news.

They praised Biden's role in getting the land returned.