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Former GOP Governor's Polite Letter To His Dem Successor Just Went Viral For The Most Relatable Reason

The respectful letter left by Republican former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey for incoming Democrat Katie Hobbs was shared by historian Michael Beschloss.

Doug Ducey; Katie Hobbs
Caitlin O'Hara/Getty Images; Jon Cherry/Getty Images

Former Arizona Governor Doug Ducey showed a surprising amount of decorum during his exit from office, and the internet took notice.

Ducey, a Republican, left a handwritten note for incoming Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs congratulating her on her new position and wishing her well in her endeavors as governor.

While this kind of note might not have been much of a surprise 30 years ago, the recent behavior of some members of the Republican party has been significantly less becoming of people in positions of power.

The note was shared to Twitter by historian Michael Beschloss, who has published 9 books on the United States Presidency.

The letter read:

"Dear Katie,"
"Welcome to the Governor's office and once again, congratulations!"
"If you are reading this note you are soon to be sworn in. I want you to know I wish you only the best."
"Every day as governor is an adventure. It is the greatest job in politics an [sic] an immense responsibility. I know you will serve the people of Arizona well."
"You and your family will be in our family prayers and if I can ever be helpful, I'm only a phone call away."
"All the best, Doug"

You can see Ducey's handwritten note below:

People had a lot to say about the note.

Some were appreciative of Ducey's ability to bow out with grace and dignity.

While others were sad such a simple gesture is not only noteworthy, but incredibly unexpected in today's political climate.

Hopefully more politicians will take Ducey's example of professional behavior and basic human decency to heart.