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PolitiFact Forced to Fact Check Bonkers Video Claiming a Snake Jumped Out of Biden's Sleeve During Debate

Conspiracy theorists have long speculated about insidious covert developments in U.S. politics and government, but after the election of former President Donald Trump, these theories were reinforced with unsettling relevance and growing subscribers.

From the belief that Democratic lawmakers secretly coordinate mass shootings to weaken support for the Second Amendment to the delusion that a secret network of satanic cannibal pedophiles controls the U.S. government, believers in these theories have been given primetime television appearances and even been elected to Congress.

Now another bizarre theory is emerging, this time about President Joe Biden, over a moment in his debate with then-President Trump during the 2020 campaign.

Watch the video below.

The video appears to show a small object—which some believed to be a snake—emerging from Biden's sleeve before falling back in, something a narrator in the video claims is proof that Biden is "IS NOT A HUMAN BEING."

The narrator says:

"Them s**t look like live little serpents, it kind of look like a damn cobra right there. The small, little cobra-looking head ... So this character already told you people while he holding the devil's arms right there."

It soon got enough circulation that Politifact was forced to fact-check the bonkers claim.

The full check goes on to read:

"Something is visible on Biden's left wrist before it slips back into his shirt sleeve but it appears to be the rosary beads that Biden wears to remember his late son, Beau Biden."

People were alarmed by the need for the fact-check.

Others mocked the bizarre claim.

Facebook has put a disclaimer on the video warning that it contains false information.