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Elon Musk; George Soros

Elon Musk Sparks Outrage With Antisemitic Twitter Rant About George Soros

After Elon Musk compared George Soros to X-Men supervillain Magneto on Twitter, the antisemitic tropes escalated form there.

Marjorie Taylor Greene; Donald Trump

MTG Claims Democrats Are 'So Jealous' Not To 'Have A Donald Trump' In Deranged Tweet

Marjorie Taylor Greene was widely mocked for her tweet claiming that Democrats are jealous of Republicans because they don't 'have' Donald Trump.

Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy

The State Of The Union Isn’t What’s Worrisome—It’s The State Of The GOP

Concerns grow over the rise of White nationalism, Christian nationalism, conspiracy cults like QAnon and the embrace of fascism in the Republican Party.

Kevin McCarthy

This Clip Of All The Times McCarthy Predicted A Red Wave Last November Did Not Age Well...At All

Seth Meyers roasted Kevin McCarthy with a supercut of all the times he predicted a 'red wave' election in 2022.

Twitter screenshot Julie Green; Donald Trump

Christian 'Prophet' Tells Eric That God Will 'Bring Back' Trump: 'We Don't Have To Wait For An Election'

The self-described 'prophet' Julie Green told Eric that his father will be returned to the Presidency by God 'in unconventional ways.'

Lauren Boebert; Marjorie Taylor Greene

Lauren Boebert Just Took Another Shot At 'Unhinged' MTG–And Get Out The Popcorn

Lauren Boebert complained to The AP that she keeps getting asked to 'explain MTG’s beliefs on Jewish space lasers.'

screenshots from Vince Langman's Twitter account

MAGA Bro Asks 'What Happened?' In The Last '3 Years' To Cause Upheaval–And Instantly Got His A** Handed To Him

Vince Langman asked 'What happened' in the last '3 years' to lower employment, increase gas prices and inflation, and got a brutal reminder from Twitter.

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