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Fox News Host Asked Biden Spokeswoman to 'Name One Lie' Trump Told About the Pandemic, and She Regretted It Immediately

Fox News

Fox News is working over time these days to paint President Donald Trump's bungled response to the pandemic that's killed nearly 100 thousand Americans as a success, but spokeswoman for presumptive Democratic nominee Joe Biden—Symone Sanders—was having none of it.

The moment came after Fox News host Dana Perino played footage of Biden virtually addressing the graduating class of Columbia Law School, in which he assured the students that a leader could build a better country with more facts than lies.

Noting that he was alluding to Donald Trump, who has made over 18,000 "false or misleading claims" since his inauguration, Fox News host Dana Perino challenged Sanders to name one lie from the Trump administration regarding the pandemic and the ensuing national health crisis.

Sanders more than delivered.

Watch below.

"I would just like even one example," Perino said, "of a lie from the White House...about the pandemic."

Sanders responded:

"'Everyone that wants a test can get a test.' How about that lie? Because everyone who wants or needs a test in this country is not able to access testing. How about 'all the governors have the [Personal Protective Equipment] and the ventilators that they need'? We know that's not true. There are folks in places from California to Michigan to Florida and in between who are sewing masks for front-line workers because they don't have the proper PPE."

Sanders alluded to Trump's false claims that testing would be available to anyone, when in reality the United States grappled with a massive testing shortage for weeks.

Trump also claimed that reports from frontline workers about a lack of PPE were orchestrated by the media to make him look bad. Donald Trump's administration didn't implement a federal distribution protocol for PPE, resulting in bidding wars for the lifesaving equipment between states.

People hailed Sanders's perfect response.

Others noticed how quickly Perino diverted the conversation when Sanders pulled out the receipts.


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