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Trump Didn't Realize C-Span Was Broadcasting Before and After His Oval Office Speech, and Hoo Boy, Now It's Awkward

Doug Mills-Pool/Getty Images

The COVID-19 strand of coronavirus now has over a thousand diagnosed cases in the United States and has claimed the lives of more than 30 people. Numerous events and celebrations around the world have been cancelled, talk shows and sports are being filmed without an audience, and entire countries are going on lockdown.

After numerous missteps and dismissals of the threat posed by the virus, President Donald Trump addressed the nation on Wednesday night in a speech that was widely panned by viewers for seeming erratic and even fearful.

Some of the most interesting moments weren't even supposed to be on camera at all.

Before and after the speech, Trump didn't realize that the C-SPAN cameras capturing it stayed recording, leading to some highly awkward moments.

Some of the moments show the President trying to decide whether or not his binder should be on the desk.

In another, the President dropped the f-bomb when seeing a pen mark (presumably on his paper) and asking for "white stuff."

And after the speech, he gives a satisfied "Okay!"

The accidental behind-the-scenes glimpse into Trump's preparation generated widespread ridicule online.

The President's supporters were enraged at C-SPAN, which they now deemed partisan.

The problem is, the speech itself was considered even more awkward than the moments before and after.

The S&P 500 dipped by 7% the following morning, triggering a temporary halt on trading—the second one in recent days.