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Patti LuPone's Latest Twitter Rant Is Peak Patti LuPone

There's a lot to unpack here.

Patti LuPone's Latest Twitter Rant Is Peak Patti LuPone
Jeff Spicer / Stringer via Getty Images // @garrvanw/Twitter

It turns out we were right to be over the moon about legendary Broadway diva Patti LuPone's first tweet last month, because the queen has issued another royal decree.

At first, LuPone tweeted her dismay at the "dumbing down of America," and how it's permeating into theatre with a lack of trained performers. Then—with no apparent correlation—the tweet turned to 2020.

Because she's Patti LuPone and she can segue however the f*ck she wants.

It looks like South Bend Mayor and 2020 presidential contender Pete Buttigieg just might get the LuPone endorsement.

Regardless of their candidate, fans were gagging over the tweet.

People hoped that Buttigieg's husband (and die-hard LuPone fan), Chasten Buttigieg, was sitting down when he read the tweet.

Surprisingly, neither Buttigieg has responded, but we're sure they feel the love.

This isn't the only tweet from the queen that's featured some prime content either. She recently posted about her arrival in St. Louis, Missouri (and a former lover she had there).

She's described her ventures into the world of podcast musicals.

And her night at the Olivier Awards, where she won for her performance in Company!

Twitter has become a much better place with LuPone.