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NH Voter Eviscerates Ramaswamy To His Face Over Lack Of Qualifications—And Ouch

A New Hampshire voter called Vivek Ramaswamy out as 'definitely not qualified to run for the highest office in our nation' at a town hall meeting.

Vivek Ramaswamy; unidentified female New Hampshire voter
USA Today/YouTube

On Saturday, Republican presidential candidate Vivek Ramaswamy found his lack of experience at the center of criticism he received in Exeter, New Hampshire. The remarks came from a voter attending one of a series of town halls hosted by Seacoastonline and the USA TODAY Network.

The unidentified woman addressed the GOP candidate with brutal honesty, stating:

"You've expressed some illogical and dangerous positions regarding just about everything under the sun, but I will only bring up a few points today."
"Let's talk about your lack of job qualifications."
"You're definitely not qualified to run the highest office of our nation."

You can see the moment here:

She also addressed those who might support Ramaswamy.

"If we American voters keep supporting self-promoting showmen who treat the U.S. presidency or vice presidency as an entry-level position then we the American people are to blame for the destruction of our Democratic institutions."

She added:

"Just a few years ago, we all saw firsthand the disastrous results when a ruthless capitalist, a scam artist, a showman and a liar could, with no public service experience, become the President of the United States."
"And yet we are here again.”

The woman offered a harsh assessment of Ramaswamy's candidacy and character.

"Spewing nonsensical, fast talking, empty words, interspersed with name dropping Thomas Jefferson and George Washington, should not be misconstrued as knowledgeable."
"We Americans should stop thinking that rich men who fund their campaigns, and manipulate us into thinking they are smart or savvy, are qualified for the presidency, to receive the codes to launch nuclear weapons, and to become the Commander-in-Chief of our military forces."

People applauded her remarks and courage online.



In defense of his inexperience, Ramaswamy once again invoked Thomas Jefferson, implying Jefferson had no experience in Government prior to becoming President.

Ramaswamy has been billed as the CEO of Anti-Woke Inc.

He has praised infamous "pharma-bro" Martin Shkreli, calling his hiking prices of life-saving drugs "brilliant." He also disparaged the Department of Justice for prosecuting Shkreli, characterizing his fraud as a "victimless crime."

He has referred to efforts for equality for the LGBTQ+ community as a "cult."

Ramaswamy promises to pardon Trump, Julian Assange, Silk Road's Ross Ulbricht and Edward Snowden if elected. He hinted at Robert F. Kennedy Jr. as a possible running mate.

Ramaswamy reported he voted for the Libertarian Party in 2004 but chose not to vote in 2008, 2012, or 2016. He supported Donald Trump in 2020.