WATCH: FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Releases Mocking Net Neutrality ‘PSA’

Does he think this is supposed to be funny?

As Trump administration Federal Communications Commission (FCC) chairman and former Verizon lawyer Ajit Pai wages war on net neutrality his latest salvo has folks anything but laughing.

Trying to convince people to support his plans for a “free internet”, Pai resorted to an attempt at a humorous video. Pai uploaded it at conservative site The Daily Caller.

Meanwhile, eighteen attorneys general on Wednesday called on the chairman of the FCC to hold off on the upcoming net neutrality vote pending an investigation into fake comments of support for his deregulation plans. This follows an earlier appeal by Republican Congressman Mike Coffman to delay the vote as well.  The FCC meeting where a vote is anticipated to occur began at 10:30am EST today.

In a letter, the attorneys general asked Chairman Ajit Pai and the commissioners to
“take immediate action” regarding the fake comments.

While net neutrality proponents consider internet access under current guidelines a “free internet”, Pai defines the term differently. Under his version of “free”, Internet Service Providers (ISPs), like his former employer Verizon, can charge customers different amounts of money to stream different kinds of content. ISPs can also slow down or eliminate content from certain websites with competing products or to charge those websites higher fees. ISPs are free to charge customers and websites whatever they want or block their internet access.

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