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This Giant 'Trump Baby' Blimp Just Got Approved to Fly Over Parliament Next Week to Protest Donald Trump's London Visit

That's one big baby.

Many consider President Donald Trump to be full of hot air, but the sentiment will take on a much more literal meaning next week now that a giant blimp of a baby Donald will float over London during his visit to the United Kingdom.

London Mayor Sadiq Kahn's office approved the request after the effort garnered over £17,000 and over ten thousand signatures.

Londoner Andrew Bloch tweeted a photo of the actual balloon in all its glory.

The organizers of the blimp, known as Trump Baby, don't mince words of their feelings toward the president in the least. The Crowdfunder page refers to Trump as everything from a "racist demagogue" to an "Orange sex pest." The project is 85 percent funded and is accepting donations until the 11th of July. The effort to gain the city's permission was thought by many to be the biggest hurdle. With this latest victory, Americans and Brits alike were eager to celebrate.

In addition to the baby blimp, tens of thousands of UK citizens are expected to protest Trump's arrival throughout the nation.

But the president is no stranger to protests from across the pond.

Shortly before his inauguration in 2016, Parliament debated for three hours on whether or not to endorse banning the president from the country before ultimately deciding against it.

During that debate, Parliament member Naz Shah said:

I stand here as a proud British Muslim woman. Donald Trump would like me banned from America. But in my Islam, what it teaches me is that goodness is better than evil.

Parliament would debate the matter again a few months later after a petition opposing a state visit from Trump gained over a million signatures.

But the president still wasn't done enraging lawmakers and citizens in the country. In November of last year when he retweeted anti-Muslim propaganda videos from a far-right English hate group Britain First, resulting in one Parliament member calling Trump “racist, incompetent or unthinking — or all three.”

A few months later, the president canceled a planned state visit to the UK amid fears of immense protests, though he tweeted it was due to the sale of the embassy in London being what he perceived to be a bad deal.

Attitudes toward the president in the country don't seem to have changed much.

Only time will tell if Trump will actually follow through with the UK visit. But when it comes to this latest development, it's hard to tell if the country is big enough for the two of them. Even if one is a baby and the other is a blimp.