Donald Trump Faces Backlash After Threat To Pull FEMA From Puerto Rico

An early morning tweet storm had many questioning our commitment to the recovery.

In a series of Tweets Thursday, President Donald Trump again blamed Puerto Rican infrastructure prior to two hurricanes that hit last month for their current state. He then threatened to pull FEMA, the military, and first responders from the still devastated island.

As Puerto Rico is a United States territory, their poor infrastructure at any time would reflect poorly on their federal government and it’s leader. However pointing out this failure of government doesn’t appear to bother President Trump.

His comments came in a series of three Tweets around 4:00am on Thursday morning. They ended with a threat to pull aid workers.

They drew immediate backlash from many sources.

The President responded to the criticism via Twitter.

Whether his recent Tweet means he doesn’t plan to pull aid workers remains to be seen. But it’s clear that his policy is shaped largely by reactions on Twitter.

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