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This Brutal Twitter Thread Documenting How Few People Came Out to Support Trump at Buckingham Palace Is Pure Schadenfreude


This Brutal Twitter Thread Documenting How Few People Came Out to Support Trump at Buckingham Palace Is Pure Schadenfreude
President Donald Trump makes his way down the Mall to Buckingham Palace after visiting Clarence House on June 3, 2019 in London, England. (Photo by Dan Kitwood/Getty Images)

The crowds appeared to stay away in droves for President Donald Trump's first stop on his state visit to the United Kingdom on Monday. Londoner Damon Evans chronicled the disappointing turnout on Twitter through a series of photos and observations.

He began with a shot of the crowd lined up in front of Buckingham Palace.

"At Buckingham Palace. Fair to say, there’s a pretty poor turnout for Trump"

He did manage to find one Trump fan and shared video of her as she shared video of herself.

"A woman in a MAGA hat, doing a Facebook broadcast. Real news. 'They’re fake news. This is real news. And they’re a disgrace to the people. They betray the people'."

He managed to find a few more followed by a camera crew.

"Some random people wearing MAGA hats and playing bagpipes."

Evans stopped to speak with police along the Trump motorcade route. Apparently someone else drew a larger crowd.


“Is Trump coming down this way?”

Police officer:

“I believe so, sir.”


“Not a great turnout, is it?”

Police officer:

“I couldn’t possibly say, sir... [grins]”


“I was just remembering Obama’s visit...”

Police officer:


Speaking of police, Evans observed there were more police in attendance to protect Trump than spectators to see him.

"There are more police officers here than spectators. Poor Trump"

Finally it was time for the President's arrival, but Evans opted not to fight through the crowds to get next to the barrier.

"This is as close as I got to Trump. To be honest, that was much closer than I wanted to be."

Evans shared a shot from President Barack Obama's visit to Westminster Abbey in comparison to what he saw for President Trump. The difference was noticeable and Evans had his own theory for why.

"Unlike when Obama was here, you [couldn't] get anywhere near Westminster Abbey. But then, Obama is a lovely man and people cheered him. I suspect Trump would have got a different reception."

He then imagined what Trump might see when he looks at his crowd.

"The Mall in Trump’s mind vs Reality."

Turns out he was accurate in his assessment.

Evans checked back in with the police again after the motorcade passed.


“You lot look really busy. Were you expecting more people?”

Police officer:

“A few more.”


“It’s quite funny... Depending on your viewpoint, of course.”

Police officer:

“Trust me, it’s very funny.”

He did manage to find a few more supporters of the President.

"I’ve found some Trump supporters! Amazing!"

Evans got a second chance to get a closer view of the President as he waved to the seven people gathered to see him.

"Trump was waving at the 7 people who had gathered. Although I think they were just waiting to cross the road, which had been blocked off."

He also made a few observations.

"Melania looked very bored. Ps. He really does have tiny hands."

As a final note, Evans shared that the people who were stuck in the park because the road was blocked off outnumbered those who gathered to see Trump.

The President's last visit included large protests against him. Protests are planned once again, but it seems the English also plan to use something the President seems to hate even more than negative attention: being ignored.