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This Shot of Donald Trump Sitting Alone at the G20 Summit Pretty Much Says All You Need to Know About Our Standing In the World

A thousand words.

A clip of President Donald Trump sitting alone at the G20 is a perfect snapshot of the shrinking role the United States is playing on the world stage under Trump's unorthodox leadership.

Trump sulked while international leaders spoke and took their seats.

The Guardians of Democracy shared the MSNBC blurb on Twitter Friday afternoon.

"Trump sits alone," the tweet reads, "patting his arm at the start of the G-20 summit in Buenos Aires, Argentina, as other world leaders greet each other and commingle."

Watch below:

Trump's bitterness toward the rest of the planet was on full display.

Trump looks miserable. "Get me out of here," Trump reportedly said after he wandered off the stage, leaving Argentinian President Mauricio Marci stunned.

The president's "America alone" attitude has isolated our country.

Trump has, after all, isolated many American allies because of his trade wars and left America standing alone due to his unrelenting belligerence on climate science.

Thanks to Trump, the United States was the only country at the G20 refusing to combat global climate change.

Trump was reportedly "spooked" and "completely distracted" at the summit after news broke that his former lawyer Michael Cohen had pleaded guilty to lying to Congress about his and the president's role in striking a deal to build a Trump tower in Moscow during the 2016 race.

Trump sported a similar pout at least year's G20 too.

Poor Donald.

As Trump sat alone, Russian President Vladimir Putin and Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman greeted each other like long-time bros.