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Trump Had Another Bonkers Oval Office Press Conference and CNN's Factchecker Doesn't Even Know Where To Begin


When Donald Trump took office in January 2017, the Toronto Star's Washington bureau chief was tasked with fact checking the new President's public statements. That bureau chief, Daniel Dale, got so good at spotting the lies, false claims, alternative facts and half-truths that CNN eventually recruited him to do the job for them.

Since 2017, President Trump has kept Dale busy. Very busy. And Trump's Thursday Oval Office presser once again gave Dale plenty to wade through.

On Thursday morning, President Donald Trump met with Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar. The White House press corps was in attendance for the public remarks and a question and answer session.

After watching Trump's statements, Dale took to Twitter to post:

"Trump's Oval Office comments today were so thoroughly dishonest it's hard to know which ones to lead with."

People were concerned the POTUS' penchant for dishonesty had finally broken Dale.

While others offered suggestions.

Some of the moments of inaccurate information and odd comments from Trump's latest presser pointed out by Dale were:

Dale definitely had a lot to work with.

You can see the President's full remarks here.

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