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Donald Trump Was Just Asked Whether He Has Confidence In His Intelligence Chiefs, and His Response Was So Trump It Hurts


President Donald Trump said Thursday he does not have confidence in two top American intelligence officials.

CIA Director Gina Haspel and Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday and contradicted Trump's own claims about North Korea, ISIS, and Iran.

On Thursday, during a break in the negotiations to keep the federal government open past February 15, Trump was asked by a reporter if he has "confidence in Gina Haspel and Dan Coats" to give "good advice."

The president said "no."

"No, I disagree with certain things that they said. I think that I'm right, but time will prove that. Time will prove me right probably."

Watch below:

Trump thinks he will be vindicated... "probably."

Trump has maintained that North Korea is denuclearizing; that ISIS has been defeated; and that Iran is trying to build a nuclear weapon.

The president has not - ever - offered a single piece of evidence to back up what he says.

This makes our country, and the world, far less safe.

Congressman Ted Lieu (D-CA) even kindly offered Trump a 'whom to trust' guide for intelligence sourcing.

Meanwhile, Haspel and Coats—both of whom were appointed by Trump—refuted all of Trump's claims in their Senate testimony, citing the latest intelligence.

Trump, however, is willfully impervious to information that does not perfectly align with his self-generated world view.

This is not good.

People are concerned about what lengths Trump will go to in order to be 'right.'

Those fears were stoked on Wednesday when Trump swiped at Coats, Haspel, and other intelligence leaders for disagreeing with him.

"Perhaps intelligence should go back to school," the president balked on Twitter, having repeated his fake news about Iran.

Note Trump's misuse of 'there' while implying others are uneducated.