Conservative Iowa Voter Who Supports Kamala Harris Explains Why She'll Be Supporting a Democrat in 2020


The Iowa State Fair is a mainstay for presidential candidates vying for favor among the swing state's undecided voters. This year is no different.

Candidates seeking the 2020 Democratic nomination descended on Iowa this past weekend to eat fair food, speak with voters, and address fairgoers in "soapbox" speeches.

It looks like at least one Conservative Iowa voter has already decided who she'll be voting for in 2020...and it's not President Donald Trump.

Watch below:

Speaking to Vaughn Hillyard, the lifelong Conservative—who wrote in the late Arizona Republican Senator John McCain for the presidency in 2016—said of Trump:

“I’m a lifelong conservative...but I cannot vote for Donald Trump. He is not a conservative. I don’t think he’s a good man and when you watch cabinet member after cabinet member fall away from him, I just can’t vote for him.”

The Iowa State Fair features a tradition in which each attendee is given a kernel of corn to place in a jar of their corresponding candidate, as a way of informally polling the state.

The Conservative mother told Hillyard that she put her kernel in the jar of Democratic California Senator Kamala Harris:

"I need a Democrat that is reasonable on our borders, that is about people, that is about the rule of law. I'm an educator and we've gotta do something about education, and so that's what I'm looking for."

Her 17 year old daughter, who will be eligible to vote by election day, also announced her disgust with Trump:

"I can't vote for Donald Trump. If there was a better conservative, I would probably vote for them. He says so many things that are just absolutely disgusting and tweeting foreign policy is not presidential enough.”

Of the Democrats among the still-crowded field, she said that, like her mother, she's leaning toward Harris.

The results of the non-scientific corn poll saw Harris finish in third at 11%, behind Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) at 16% and former Vice President Joe Biden at 24%.

Though the family of three is an infinitesimal faction of a much broader voting populace, people were still cautiously hopeful that their stances could indicate the early rumblings of a greater leftward shift.

Others were more skeptical.

We'll know for sure what Iowa—and the country—decides in November 2020.

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