READ: Jason Alexander Tweets to Ted Cruz: ‘The Jerk Store Called and They’re Running Out of You’

George is getting upset!

Texas GOP Senator and former presidential candidate Rafael “Ted” Cruz recently remarked on the campaign of a fellow Senator. Cruz offered mockery, not advice or encouragement to Colorado Democratic Senator Michael Bennet regarding his presidential campaign.

Cruz took to Twitter to bash his fellow Senator. He posted:

“Michael Bennet’s campaign is a Seinfeld campaign—about nothing—that typifies the Left’s empty rage in 2020. In a decade in the Senate, he’s done very little…but he did stomp his foot & yell at me on Senate floor (which he features in fundraising emails).”

But someone had a response for Cruz.

Actor Jason Alexander—who starred alongside Jerry Seinfeld on the hit comedy—posted an answer to Cruz’s dig at Bennet.

Channeling his Seinfeld character George Costanza, Alexander posted:

“So [Senator Ted Cruz] has called [Senator Bennet] a ‘Seinfeld campaign’, claiming it’s about nothing. I’ve met Bennett. He is a great man and real choice for POTUS. As for Cruz – the jerk store called and they’re running out of you. I say, the faster the better.”

But Alexander was not alone in his response. Bennet himself replied to Cruz.

He shared a gif of Newman, Seinfeld’s irritating nemesis.

Others also responded directly to Senator Cruz.

There was a distinct lack of love and support for Senator Cruz.

Meanwhile Bennet turned Cruz’s dig into an opportunity.

Bennet joined a crowded field of Democrats seeking the presidency. Cruz once ran against Donald Trump, but so far only one Republican announced their intent to campaign against the President.

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