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Jimmy Stewart's Daughter Perfectly Shames RNC Speaker for Her Questionable 'It's a Wonderful Life' Analogy

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"Right to Try" advocate and President Donald Trump supporter Natalie Harp spoke on Tuesday at the Republican National Convention, where she raised eyebrows with a dig at 2016 Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Harp invoked the 1946 film It's a Wonderful Life, in which Jimmy Stewart's character—George Bailey—gets to see what the world would be like had he never been born.

Harp claimed that without the leadership of Donald Trump, the nation would be in "Pottersville," the lawless town that forms in the absence of Bailey's existence, instead of the wholesome Bedford Falls.

Watch below.

Harp said:

"In the classic Jimmy Stewart film It's a Wonderful Life, George Bailey is given a great gift: the chance to see what the world would be like without him. Tonight, Mr. President, we'd like to give you that same gift, because without you, we'd all be living in Pottersville, sold out to a crooked Mr.—or I should say 'Mrs.' Potter—with no hope of escape except death itself."

But in a letter to the editor of the New York Times, Jimmy Stewart's daughter—Kelly Stewart Harcourt—made clear what she and her family thought of the comparison.

Halcourt wrote:

"In her speech at the G.O.P. convention Monday night, Natalie Harp, a cancer survivor, made reference to the film 'It's a Wonderful Life,' comparing Donald Trump to George Bailey, the main character in the film, played by my father, Jimmy Stewart.

Given that this beloved American classic is about decency, compassion, sacrifice and a fight against corruption, our family considers Ms. Harp's analogy to be the height of hypocrisy and dishonesty."

The response was widely applauded.

Others compared Trump to Mr. Potter—the wealthy slumlord who acts as the movie's primary antagonist.