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QAnon Congresswoman Issues Rambling Statement after Resurfaced Facebook Posts Show Her Supporting Pelosi's Execution

QAnon Congresswoman Issues Rambling Statement after Resurfaced Facebook Posts Show Her Supporting Pelosi's Execution
Dustin Chambers/Getty Images // J. SCOTT APPLEWHITE/POOL/AFP via Getty Images

Congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) continues to make waves in political circles despite representing Georgia's 14th district in the House of Representatives for less than a month.

Even before her election, Greene drew attention for her support of the QAnon conspiracy theory, which hinges on the delusion that the United States government is secretly controlled by a network of satanic pedophile cannibals and that former President Donald Trump was sent to expose them.

Greene continues to be one of the most far-right voices in the House, even promoting articles of impeachment against President Joe Biden on his first full day in office.

Facebook posts unearthed last week from the Congresswoman showed her claiming that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton conspiring to orchestrate school shootings.

Now, new reporting indicates just how deeply bizarre Greene's conspiracy theories actually became.

A piece from Em Steck and Andrew Kaczynski of CNN reports that Greene liked a Facebook comment calling for "a bullet to the head" for Pelosi in 2019.

In another Facebook post, someone commented "Now do we get to hang them ?? Meaning [Hillary Clinton] & [former President Barack Obama] ???," to which Greene replied:

"Stage is being set. Players are being put in place. We must be patient. This must be done perfectly or liberal judges would let them off."

After CNN reached out for comment, Greene issued a lengthy statement on Twitter.

Greene didn't deny liking or commenting on the posts, but implied that others did so on her page:

"Over the years, I've had teams of people manage my pages. Many posts have been liked. Many posts have been shared. Some did not represent my views."

But in separate Facebook posts included in CNN's reporting, Greene claims that Pelosi is guilty of treason and deserving of the death penalty.

Shortly after Greene issued the statement, Eric Hananoki of Media Matters for America revealed even more damning social media posts, including an apparent endorsement of the bogus claim that video exists of Hillary Clinton and longtime aide Huma Abedin "filleting a childs [sic] face."

Calls for Greene's expulsion from Congress only grew with the revelation that she wants some of her colleagues executed.

There are growing concerns that Greene's violent views are being normalized within the Republican party.

It's unclear what, if any, consequences Greene will face.