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Lauren Boebert Mocked for Glaring Typo in Email Urging Biden’s Impeachment

Lauren Boebert Mocked for Glaring Typo in Email Urging Biden’s Impeachment
Win McNamee/Getty Images

Freshman Congresswoman Lauren Boebert was among the slate of far-right members of Congress elected in the 2020 election, which they claim was "stolen" from former President Donald Trump.

Like some of her other colleagues, Boebert has echoed talking points from the QAnon mass conspiracy, including telling her constituents that there would be mass resignations from Congress due to Department of Justice investigations.

This week, Boebert admitted to using her campaign funds to pay for personal expenses like rent and utility bills, according to a recent Federal Elections Commission (FEC) filing.

A staunch critic of President Joe Biden's administration, Boebert introduced articles of impeachment against the President, citing the widely-criticized Afghanistan withdrawal.

In an email to her supporters, Boebert elaborated on the filing, claiming she'd "upheld her oath to the Constitution of the United States".

Articles of impeachment against a Democratic President in a House with a Democratic majority—even a razor thin one—is little more than a publicity stunt, but the email is making news anyway—for all the wrong reasons.

Check it out.

In big bold letters, Boebert called to:


The typo appeared not only in the email, but on her official congressional website before corrections were sent out.

The email soon generated mockery across social media.

The blunder comes as Boebert continues to face scrutiny for her campaign funds scandal.