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GOP Rep Slams MTG Over 'Absurd' Biden Impeachment Inquiry—And MTG Just Fired Back

Rep. Ken Buck upended the entire idea of launching an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden and slammed Marjorie Taylor Greene's leadership on the issue 'absurd.'

GOP Rep Slams MTG Over 'Absurd' Biden Impeachment Inquiry—And MTG Just Fired Back
MSNBC & Benjamin Hendren/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Colorado Representative Ken Buck, a member of the hyper-conservative House Freedom Caucus, recently told Jen Psaki that there is currently no evidence against President Joe Biden that would warrant impeachment, let alone an "inquiry."

Buck's conversation with Psaki took place on Sunday on MSNBC's Inside with Jen Psaki. During the course of the conversation, Buck said that the time just isn't right for a Biden impeachment.

"Time for impeachment is the time when there's evidence linking President Biden to a high crime or misdemeanor."

He continued:

"That doesn't exist right now."

Buck also rebuked Georgia Representative and former member of the Freedom Caucus Marjorie Taylor Greene's obsession with impeaching Biden.

"Marjorie filed impeachment articles of impeachment on President Biden before he was sworn into office more than two and a half years ago."
"The idea that she is now the expert on impeachment or that she is someone who should set the timing on impeachment is absurd."

You can view video of Psaki and Buck's conversation below:

Greene fired back via Twitter almost immediately, questioning Buck's loyalty to the Republican Party, and accused him of "shilling for Joe Biden."

A lot of people were happy to see a fellow Republican calling out Greene's behavior and agreed with Buck's assertion.

Others simply enjoyed the Republican infighting.

This very public feud isn't the first time Greene has faced criticism from a fellow Republican.

She was quite publicly ejected from the Freedom Caucus earlier this year over her behavior toward fellow far-right conspiracy theorist Colorado Representative Lauren Boebert.

Greene reportedly called Boebert a "little b*tch" on the house floor during an altercation over their approaches to trying to impeach Biden.