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Former Trump Economic Advisor Caught on Fox News Hot Mic Raging Against Kamala Harris

Former Trump Economic Advisor Caught on Fox News Hot Mic Raging Against Kamala Harris
SAUL LOEB/AFP via Getty Images // Fox Business

Former President Donald Trump's White House economic advisor, Larry Kudlow, became infamous for his constant dismissal of the threat posed by the virus that's killed nearly 500 thousand Americans.

After Trump left office, Kudlow accepted an on-air position at the conservative Fox Business and Fox News networks, but he's off to a rocky start.

On Tuesday, the network played a clip of Vice President Kamala Harris discussing vaccines for the virus, saying:

"In many ways, we're starting from scratch on something that's been raging for almost an entire year."

Kudlow took issue with Harris' comments, and—however accidentally—made those grievances known on the air.

Watch below.

As Fox played the clip of Harris, Kudlow exclaimed:

"Bull s**t. Bull s**t. Bull s**t."

Kudlow—who in the past has incorrectly claimed there was no second wave of the virus and absurdly referred to it in the past tense—apparently took issue with Harris' implication that the Trump White House had no concrete plan in place for vaccine distribution.

President Joe Biden's administration is scrambling to roll out the limited supply of vaccines and has given itself the tall order of vaccinating 100 million Americans in its first 100 days.

Hosting on the Fox Business Network later, Kudlow apologized for the gaffe:

"Earlier on Fox News Channel, I made some comments about that clip. You might have read about it. If not, you can Google it. I may have said a bad word. I'm not usually a guy who swears, but what the vice president said just burned me up and is simply not true."

People couldn't help but mock Kudlow for the embarrassing slip.

Some speculated that Kudlow's slip wasn't a slip at all, but rather a PR strategy.

Kudlow insists the slip was an accident.