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Trump's Economic Advisor Slammed for Using the Past Tense to Refer to the Virus in RNC Speech

Trump's Economic Advisor Slammed for Using the Past Tense to Refer to the Virus in RNC Speech
CBS News

The virus outbreak in the United States has killed over 180 thousand Americans, unemployed millions more, and completely upended daily life in America.

President Donald Trump's administration has been roundly criticized for its early dismissals of the threat posed by the virus, its failure to adopt a national testing strategy, and the President's own mixed messaging regarding masks and potential treatment.

Nevertheless, at the Republican National Convention this week, speaker after speaker praised Trump's handling of the virus, mostly citing his decision to shut down travel from China to the United States after the virus had already come to U.S. shores.

Among these speakers was White House economic adviser Larry Kudlow, who repeatedly used the past tense in speaking of a virus that's very much still alive.

Watch below.

Kudlow said:

"It was awful. Health and economic impacts were tragic. Hardship and heartbreak were everywhere."

The night Kudlow's pre-taped speech aired, over 36 thousand new cases had been diagnosed and over 1000 people had died that day alone.

Democratic nominee Joe Biden's communications director, Kate Bedingfield, excoriated Kudlow's warped view of the virus response in a statement:

"President Trump's RNC is an alternate reality. In this delusion, thousands of Americans didn't die in the last week from COVID-19, nor have millions of Americans been infected or put out of work."

Others widely agreed with her take.

Others were astounded at the frequent claims that Trump's leadership throughout the crisis had been a success.

The United States death toll—already the highest in the world—is expected to surpass 200 thousand before the end of the year.