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Conservatives Turn On Fox After Host Rips Anti-McCarthy Rep For Speaker Vote

Brian Kilmeade did not hide his contempt for Rep. Tim Burchett after he voted to oust Kevin McCarthy as Speaker of the House, and conservatives were not happy.

Brian Kilmeade; Tim Burchett
Fox News

Fox News host Brian Kilmeade railed into GOP Representative Tim Burchett live on air for being among the eight Republican members to vote to oust House Speaker Kevin McCarthy from his post this week.

Burchett teamed up with Florida Representative Matt Gaetz and six other Republicans in joining Democrats in favor of ousting McCarthy–who became the first Speaker in U.S. history to be removed on a motion to vacate the leadership role on Tuesday.

Kilmeade was none too pleased about McCarthy's ouster and unleashed his fury on fellow conservative Burchett during Wednesday's broadcast on the right-wing news channel.

The irate Fox Host mentioned Gaetz, who led the charge by filing the motion to vacate McCarthy for his failure to deliver on many of his promises to conservative Republicans who elected him.

Kilmeade told Burchett:

“It looks like you’re the ringleader of a circus led by Matt Gaetz, who likes to blow things up but not offer any new ideas."
"Are you happy following Matt Gaetz? Is that your leader?”

When Burchett insisted he wasn't following Gaetz and that he made his own decisions, Kilmeade didn't buy it and suggested that if Gaetz didn't initiate the challenge, neither would have Burchett.

"I believe I would have," replied the Tennessee lawmaker, to which Kilmeade scoffed:

“Please. You were praying about it one minute. The next minute you’re gonna lead an insurgency?”

Prominent conservatives shared clips of the video, which you can watch below, expressing their disgust with Kilmeade and Fox.

When Burchett listed the names of possible candidates for the Speakership that is currently vacant, Kilmeade fumed that Burchett was just mentioning those who supported McCarthy, including outspoken GOP Representative Jim Jordan, the chairman of the House Judiciary Committee.

The House voted 216 to 210 on the resolution to remove McCarthy from the chamber in the historic vote.

Kilmeade referred to the majority of the GOP supporters of the ousted Speaker and asked Burchett:

“Why are you smarter than Jim Jordan and the 210-plus Republicans?”

At one point, Burchett calmly remarked:

"You have a predetermined answer to everything and you talk over me every time I make a point."

He added:

"Your line of questioning is very negative."

Right-wing social media users admonished Kilmeade for his condescending grilling of the Congressman.

Near the end of the stand-off, Kilmeade quipped:

“You’re gonna get a new leader, I’m sure he’s gonna solve everything."

Burchett hit back sarcastically with:

"I'm surprised that you give him full credit for all the successes that we had."

Gavel-smashing GOP Representative Patrick McHenry is currently the acting Speaker in the interim until a successor is chosen.

House Republicans are planning on holding a candidate forum next week followed by an election on Wednesday.