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Kellyanne Conway Dragged For Bizarre Comparison Between Waiting In Line to Vote and Waiting in Line for Cupcakes


President Donald Trump's senior counselor, Kellyanne Conway, spoke to reporters on Wednesday in an effort to defend her boss's false tweets about supposedly inevitable widespread voter fraud that he said comes with voting by mail.

Because low voter turnout tends to favor Republicans, many Republican lawmakers are opposing expanded absentee voting measures that would allow people to vote without risking large crowds and packed polling places that could prove a playground to the highly contagious virus that's killed over 100 thousand Americans.

Kellyanne continued this rhetoric, invoking cupcakes.

Watch below.

Conway said:

"They wait in line at Georgetown Cupcake for an hour to get a cupcake, so I think they can probably wait in line to do something as consequential and critical and constitutionally significant as cast their ballot."

Voting is a right, and Kellyanne acknowledges how "consequential and critical and constitutionally significant" it is, so why are she and her Republican colleagues so intent on suppressing voter expansion measures?

Not to mention, Georgetown Cupcake—the bakery Kellyanne said people were waiting an hour for—is delivery only.

People immediately began poking holes in her logic.

The President has unleashed a barrage of false criticisms of voting by mail in recent weeks. Two of his tweets claiming that vote by mail programs were rife with voter-fraud even spurred Twitter's first embedded fact check of his tweets.

The mere act of fact checking the tweets led him to threaten shutting Twitter down all together.

No wonder Kellyanne's attempts to defend him received widespread mockery.