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Trump's Secretary of State Hilariously Contradicts Trump After He Calls to 'Close Down' Social Media Channels

Alex Wong/Getty Images

If you thought that 100 thousand dead Americans would keep Trump busy enough to slow his erratic Twitter habits, you're about to be sorely disappointed.

In fact, Trump is becoming even more unhinged.

The danger of the highly contagious virus that's upended daily life in the United States is forcing state governments to confront how they'll operate primary elections and even the general election in November. Democrats are calling for expanded vote-by-mail efforts, such as automatically mailing absentee ballots to each citizen. This would prevent people from having to risk exposure to the virus by waiting in long lines and at crowded polling places.

Republicans, who tend to benefit from lower voter turnout, insist that voters must cast their ballot in person unless there's a so-called legitimate reason.

Trump railed against expanded vote-by-mail access in a Twitter rant.

But out of all of Trump's nearly 50 thousand tweets, these two featured something new: an embedded fact check from Twitter.

The two tweets featured an option that said "Get the facts," which guided users to news links, along with the summary below:

Trump was none too happy about the correction, and accused Twitter—a private company—of stamping out his free speech, threatening to shut them down.

But only hours after Trump promised to "closely regulate or close them down," Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, however inadvertently, directly contradicted his boss.

Pompeo was announcing the federal government's partnership with the Freedom Online Coalition, which works to fight governmental regulation of the internet.

People were understandably confused.

Trump's threat to shut down private companies for fact checking him, while simultaneously accusing them of stifling free speech, didn't earn him any favors.

Are we great again yet?