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Kellyanne Gets Brutal Reminder After Trying to Slam Biden for Visiting Delaware Too Much

Kellyanne Gets Brutal Reminder After Trying to Slam Biden for Visiting Delaware Too Much
Fox News

It's no secret that President Joe Biden likes visiting family on the weekends in his home state of Delaware, where his late son and wife are also buried.

Ted Kaufman, Biden's longtime friend and former chief of staff, recalled making thousands of trips to Delaware over the course of Biden's time in the Senate, emphasizing that the state is "a very important part of who he is, and keeps him grounded." According to some numbers-crunching from Philip Bump of the Washington Post, Biden visited one of his properties in Delaware around 114 times in the first 13 months of his presidency.

It's only a two and a half hour drive from the White House to Wilmington, Delaware, where President Biden and First Lady Dr. Jill Biden have a house, but Biden still takes flak from conservatives due to the amount of his trips back home.

Former President Donald Trump's ex-counsellor, Kellyanne Conway, joined that chorus in a recent Fox News interview.

Watch below.

Conway said:

"It sounds so fun for us to ridicule Joe Biden and his inability to lead, to speak, to inspire, to have a plan, to show compassion, but guess what. It's worse than that. He's back in the basement. He just spent his 116th day in Delaware as President, took his 38th trip there. Can you imagine that he's doing that while [Ukrainian President Volodymyr] Zelenskyy is really fighting for the sovereignty and the security of his country?"

It's not unusual for a rival party spokesperson to criticize the President's travel, but it's certainly interesting to hear someone from the Trump administration lob the familiar criticism.

While most of Biden's leisure travels have been limited to Delaware, Trump frequently visited his own commercial resorts and properties across the eastern seaboard, all the way down to Florida. Unlike Biden's trip to his private properties, Trump's trips resulted in taxpayer income for the Trump Organization, the assets of which Trump refused to divest ahead of his 2017 inauguration.

As Bump further pointed out last month:

"Biden visited one of his properties in Delaware or went to Nantucket on all or part of 114 days over his first 13 months in office. Trump visited at least one Trump Organization property on 133 days in the same period."

Before the first year of his presidency was up, USA Today reported that the Trump family's trips were so frequent and expensive, they depleted funds to pay Secret Service agents. By the last year of his presidency, Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington (CREW) said Trump had taken twenty times the amount of protected trips than the Obama family.

That trend has continued since Trump has left office, with The Daily Beast reporting that U.S. taxpayers spent more than $1 million in 2021 for the Secret Service's travel with Trump.

Social media users called Conway out on the hypocrisy.

They also rejected her attempts to contrast Biden with Zelenskyy, who's been globally praised for his response to Russia's invasion of his country.

Sadly, many Fox viewers will likely subscribe to her "alternative facts."