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Sean Hannity Roasted For Painfully Appropriate Freudian Slip As He Introduces Fox News Colleague

As Sean Hannity passed to his Fox colleague Greg Gutfeld, he let loose an awkward Freudian slip that people felt was inadvertently accurate.

Screenshot of Sean Hannity; Greg Gutfeld
Fox News; John Lamparski/Getty Images

Fox News personality Sean Hannity found himself at the center of mockery and criticism after a comical slip of the tongue during his handoff to fellow anchor Greg Gutfeld on Wednesday night.

In what seemed like a Freudian slip, Hannity began his handoff by saying:

“Greg Gutfeld standing by to put a smile on your hate.”

Quickly realizing his error, he attempted to correct himself by adding, “on your face,” but the damage was done.

You can watch what happened in the video below.

Given Hannity and Gutfeld's history of stirring controversy and promoting conspiracy theories on their respective shows, many viewers found the slip-up oddly fitting.

The incident prompted a wave of mockery online, with some suggesting that Hannity had accidentally revealed the true nature of the network's programming.

Hannity also faced criticism for remarks he made about President Joe Biden during the same segment.

Hannity made baseless allegations that Biden intended to ban household appliances and meat consumption. Hannity also echoed baseless Republican talking points, alleging that Biden's actions had led to instability and inflation.

These claims didn't go over well online either.

Hannity's ridiculous claims that the Biden administration wants "to take away your stove, your refrigerator, your air conditioner" and even "your meat" are a rehash of prior Republican talking points. Last year, the GOP-controlled House approved two bills aimed at safeguarding gas stoves and kitchen ranges from potential federal regulations.

The first bill, known as the Gas Stove Protection and Freedom Act, was backed by Republicans and prohibits the government from banning gas stoves. Following closely, the Save Our Gas Stoves Act was passed, amending the Energy Policy and Conservation Act to prevent the imposition of energy conservation standards on kitchen ranges.

Regarding the purported meat ban, efforts by fact-checkers, notably theWashington Post,, have dispelled baseless claims originating from a misleading article in the Daily Mail that suggested Biden planned to ban meat consumption as part of his climate policies.