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Rightwinger Gives Laura Ingraham Savage Reminder of How She Used to Talk About the Vaccine

Rightwinger Gives Laura Ingraham Savage Reminder of How She Used to Talk About the Vaccine
Action Institute // Fox News

For months, right-wing media outlets have promoted unfounded skepticism and hysteria against vaccines, which have proven effective in slowing the spread of the virus that's killed over 600 thousand Americans.

Newsmax host Rob Schmidt recently suggested that vaccines go "against nature." Fox News host Tucker Carlson falsely speculated that the vaccines don't work and that the government is keeping that a secret.

Far-right Fox host Laura Ingraham has run dozens of segments claiming the vaccines are an effort by the government to control its citizens, and that efforts to convince Americans to take the vaccines—including a door-to-door initiative to increase public awareness of where and how to get a vaccine—are a federal overstep.

This is all occurring as stronger, deadlier variants of the virus continue to emerge.

But Republican media personalities—including Ingraham—heaped praise upon former President Donald Trump for his Operation Warp Speed initiative as the first doses of vaccines were being administered.

Fox News contributor Jonah Goldberg—in an op-ed for the LA Times—is calling Ingraham and others out for this hypocrisy.

He writes:

"When Donald Trump was president, Operation Warp Speed was an own-the-libs triumph ... now [Ingraham] and many other right-wing media figures are engaged in fearmongering over the alleged dangers of vaccines we wouldn't have, were it not for Trump."

Goldberg specifically mentioned the time Ingraham said:

"[T]he stunning success of President Trump's Operation Warp Speed caught team apocalypse totally off guard. Don't you love it?"

People largely agreed.

Meanwhile, Ingraham's repeated disinformation regarding vaccines continues to prompt criticism.

Ingraham has yet to respond to Goldberg.