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Karl Rove Breaks Down Why RFK Jr. Is 'A Nut' In Epic Fox News Rant

After Ron DeSantis said he would put RFK Jr. in charge of the FDA or CDC, Karl Rove went on Fox to list his most bonkers conspiracy theories.

Karl Rove
Fox News

Fox News political analyst Karl Rove demonstrated just how bonkers Democratic presidential hopeful Robert F. Kennedy Jr. was on a recent Fox broadcast.

RFK Jr.–who is the son of the late Attorney General Robert F. Kennedy and nephew of Democratic President John F. Kennedy and Senator Ted Kennedy–has repeatedly pushed misinformation and conspiracy theories concerning COVID-19 vaccinations.

He was a well-known anti-vaxxer long before the pandemic.

On Wednesday, Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis said that if he was elected President, he would consider appointing RFK Jr. to a position in his administration with either the Food and Drug Administration or the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

Rove was appalled at DeSantis's suggestion and explained why it would be a "nutty idea" during Thursday's Fox News program.

To explain, Rove brought out a whiteboard with a list of RFK Jr's unfounded claims, which included:

  • "Vaccines cause autism"
  • "AIDS is not caused by HIV"
  • "WiFi causes cancers"
  • "Chemicals in water cause transgender kids."

Rove continued:

“It is not just healthcare that Robert Kennedy is a conspiracy buff on."
"He’s got lots of conspiracies.”

You can watch the segment in the clip below.

Rove continued:

“2004 election was stolen as computers switched nearly a quarter million votes in Ohio from John Kerry to George Bush and thereby gave him the election, 5G is a mass surveillance tool and the telecomms, the telephone companies, are in on it."
"CIA killed his uncle, Sirhan Sirhan didn’t kill his father."
“And he defends Russia in Ukraine, it’s all Ukraine’s fault Russia invaded them and is killing its people.

The segment concluded with Rove stating:

"I mean, this guy’s a nut."

Twitter concurred and gave props to the conservative political contributor for seeing things clearly.

In the interview with the OutKick’s Clay Travis, DeSantis said he and RFK Jr. aligned on medical issues, including their defiant stance against Dr. Anthony Fauci's COVID-19 prevention measures.

The GOP presidential nominee campaigner is in the midst of retooling his campaign strategy after significantly trailing in the GOP nomination polls behind his rival and former Republican President Donald Trump.

DeSantis told the conservative outlet:

“If you’re President, you know, sic him [Kennedy] on the FDA if he’d be willing to serve, or sic him on CDC."
"But in terms of being veep—if there is, you know, 70% of the issues that he may be averse to our base on. ... That just creates an issue."

Earlier this month, RFK Jr. made headlines after suggesting without evidence that COVID-19 was a weapon genetically engineered to attack Caucasians and Black people and save the lives of Ashkenazi Jews and Chinese people.