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GOP Gets a Brutal Reminder After Mindnumbing Tweet Claiming Biden 'Failed' to End COVID

GOP Gets a Brutal Reminder After Mindnumbing Tweet Claiming Biden 'Failed' to End COVID
Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images

The COVID-19 pandemic has killed more than 750 thousand Americans, shuttered countless businesses, and completely upended daily life in the United States for the better part of two years.

It's indisputable that the decisions of former President Donald Trump, whose administration oversaw the bulk of federal pandemic response throughout 2020, played a major role in how we got here.

Trump repeatedly mocked the usage of masks, which have proven to slow the spread of the virus. He often undermined and attacked his own health officials. He held packed and maskless rallies throughout the 2020 campaign, all while mocking then-candidate Biden's pandemic-conscious minimized gatherings.

Trump's own former Coronavirus Response Director, Dr. Deborah Birx, estimated earlier this month that up to 40 percent fewer lives would have been lost if the administration had fully supported mask mandates, reduced indoor dining, and limited gatherings—all of which Trump opposed. What's more, a Stanford study found that Trump's campaign rallies led to 30 thousand COVID-19 cases.

Even after Trump's presidency, conservative lawmakers and media personalities have continued to dismiss the severity of the virus, sow skepticism of lifesaving vaccines, and promote unhinged conspiracy theories about the origins of emerging variants.

Nevertheless, the Republican Party's official Twitter account says Joe Biden "failed" at shutting down the virus.

Since the start of his presidency, Biden has introduced vaccine or testing mandates across a variety of sectors, imposed mask mandates for federal buildings, brokered landmark pandemic relief administration, and mobilized to get vaccines administered to as many Americans as possible—all of which went opposed by the bulk of prominent conservatives.

Many of Biden's critics deem his pandemic policies a failure, citing the fact that more COVID deaths have occurred under his administration than Trump's. Not only is that claim stripped of crucial context. What's more, data shows that as recently as last month, counties where Trump won more than 60 percent of the 2020 vote saw three times the COVID deaths of counties that voted for Biden by a similar margin.

Social media users soon responded to the GOP's tweet, pointing out the party's own culpability.

They also reminded people of Trump's failed promises to shut down the virus.

At least one sitting Republican lawmaker—Republican Congressman Ronny Jackson of Arizona—has already dismissed the looming omicron variant as a Democratic party invention to sway the 2022 midterms.