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Jeanine Pirro Slammed for Trying to Blame Biden for Protests That Happened While Trump Was Still President

Jeanine Pirro Slammed for Trying to Blame Biden for Protests That Happened While Trump Was Still President
Fox News

Canadian truckers have shut down vital border crossings in recent weeks to protest Canada's vaccine-or-test mandate for truckers traveling to and from the U.S., exacerbating supply chain issues and prompting Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to invoke rarely used emergency powers designed to curtail threats to "sovereignty, security and territorial integrity."

Conservatives in the United States have hailed the truckers, with American truckers have looking to emulate the anti-mandate blockade.

Far-right Fox News host Jeanine Pirro slammed Trudeau for invoking emergency powers to clear the vital trade routes in places like Alberta and Manitoba after the blockade on Ambassador Bridge in Detroit-Windsor was cleared by police last week.

But in her eagerness to paint Trudeau, and subsequently President Joe Biden, as authoritarians stifling protests, Pirro made an awkward mistake.

Watch below.

After mocking Trudeau's claim that the truckers blocking the delivery of goods are "endangering public safety," Pirro said:

"They're sitting there, and they're just protesting, and the amazing part of it is, Trudeau is now gonna listen to Biden. Biden now has the final word on what you should do if someone is protesting peacefully. Biden, the same guy who in the summer of 2020 decided he would allow people to burn down streets and businesses and create all kinds of problems."

Though Biden was a major contender for the Democratic nomination when landmark protests against racist police violence in the United States erupted across the country in the summer of 2020, he had no executive or legislative power. He was a private citizen. The person in the White House at the time was former President Donald Trump, whom Pirro supports.

And speaking of silencing protesters, the marches across the country for Black lives were overwhelmingly peaceful. Nevertheless, Trump repeatedly sought to use his powers as President to quash the demonstrations. That July, Trump even sent unidentified federal troops to Portland, Oregon, where they began detaining protesters without cause, putting them in unmarked vehicles and taking them to undisclosed locations. There was no correspondence with local authorities.

One of Fox's own legal correspondents, Andrew Napolitano, said at the time that the move was "not only unlawful and unconstitutional, it's just plain wrong" and "actually caused more violence."

Pirro's comments were downright dizzying.

Sadly, few expected Fox's viewers to question the claim.

And Pirro likely won't correct the disinformation.