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GOP Rep. Stuns Fox Host With Truth About Who's To Blame For The Border

Rep. Keith Self went off script on Fox Business when Maria Bartiromo asked him why Congress has not been able to "secure the border" and her reaction said it all.

Screenshot of Maria Bartiromo; Screenshot of Keith Self
Fox Business

Speaking on Fox News, Texas Republican Representative Keith Self stunned Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo after he acknowledged that Republicans are to blame for why Congress has not been able to "secure the border."

Bartiromo asked Self to explain what is "wrong with Congress," adding:

"Why can't you actually move the needle on securing the border? I understand you need a willing partner on the other side and you haven't had that. It's frustrating to see all of these illegals coming in and the drugs flowing in and really no movement."

To that, Self responded:

"The problem is the Republicans, not the Democrats. We know how the Democrats are going to vote. It's too many of my Republican colleagues who are unwilling to vote to secure the border."

Footage of Self's remarks attracted the attention of President Joe Biden's campaign, which shared it to X, formerly Twitter.

You can see the post as well as the video of Self's remarks below.

Many couldn't help but agree with Self's truth-telling.

Self's admission effectively places a spotlight on Republicans' unwillingness to address the ongoing migrant crisis, which they've instead used to score political points.

Biden previously attributed the collapse of a bipartisan $118 billion proposal, which would have made immigration policy changes and provided further aid for Ukraine and Israel, to former President Donald Trump.

Biden was happy to oblige after Trump told an audience during one of his rallies to "please blame" him for the collapse of the border deal, noting in a message published by his campaign that Trump essentially told Americans "to blame him for sabotaging a deal on the border so that he can campaign on the issue."

In a

speech from the White House shortly after the bill officially stalled, Biden praised the bipartisan efforts but claimed Trump's political interests were hindering the bill's progress, accusing him of prioritizing political gains over national interests. The bill, initially supported by key figures from both parties, has now been declared DOA by Republican leadership.