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GOP State Lawmaker Reprimanded by GOP Legislature for Floating Violent Opposition to Michigan Electoral Vote

GOP State Lawmaker Reprimanded by GOP Legislature for Floating Violent Opposition to Michigan Electoral Vote
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President Donald Trump and his allies have relied on lies and frivolous litigation to prop up the delusion that widespread voter fraud coordinated by Democrats tipped the 2020 United States presidential election to President-elect Joe Biden.

As the electoral college meets on Monday to officially submit its votes for President—306 of which are expected to go to Biden—the effort to secure another four years of Donald Trump in spite of the people's will is nearing a new level of futility.

In Michigan—one of the swing states whose results have been frequently targeted by Trump and his allies—a Republican state lawmaker issued a foreboding warning of what's to come when the state's electors meet to vote.

In a radio interview, Republican state representative Gary Eisen alluded to an unspecified "Hail Mary" attempt by Michigan Republicans to disrupt the electoral process.

Listen below.

Without elaborating, Eisen promised a news worthy event—but he wouldn't promise it would be nonviolent. After noting that Eisen's comments sounded "scary," host Paul Miller asked the representative if he could promise no one would be hurt.

Eisen responded:

"No. I don't know because what we're doing today is uncharted. It hasn't been done."

Michigan continues to wrangle with threats of violence after a plot to kidnap Democratic Governor Gretchen Whitmer—a frequent Trump critic—led to multiple arrests. Earlier this year, armed gunmen descended upon the Michigan State House, berating police and legislatures for pandemic safety measures.

The day Eisen made his comments, State House and Legislative buildings in Michigan were already closed for the third time this year due to "credible threats of violence."

Shortly after his chilling statements, Michigan's Republican-led legislature stripped the Eisen of his committee assignments, saying:

"We as elected officials must be clear that violence has no place in our democratic process. We must be held to a higher standard. Because of that, Rep. Eisen has been removed from his committee assignments for the rest of the term."

Eisen said in a statement:

"I regret the confusion over my comments this morning, and I want to assure everyone that those of us who are supporting an alternative slate of electors intend to do so peacefully and legally."

People supported Eisen's removal from Michigan House committees.

Others wanted him removed all together.

Michigan's electors are voting as this article is being typed. So far, there have been no interruptions.