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Video of Trump Saying He Wouldn't Have Time to Play Golf as President Comes Back to Haunt Him After He Exceeds Obama's Golf Playing in Under 3 Years

Leon Neal/Getty Images // Cheriss May/NurPhoto via Getty Images

President Donald Trump's attempts to discredit former President Barack Obama are nothing new.

Trump has criticized Obama's diplomacy, cast aspersions on the legitimacy of his birth certificate, and routinely said that Obama golfed too much.

Yet Trump's own golfing habit has come under fire recently, and a 2015 video of the numerous times Trump criticized then-President Obama for golfing isn't helping.

Watch below.

Among Trump's accusations:

"It was reported today he played 250 rounds of golf and he's going to be in Hawaii, I think did they say for three weeks? Two hundred and fifty rounds, that's more than a guy who plays in the PGA Tour plays. He played more golf last year than Tiger Woods. We don't have time for this. We have to work."

Trump made the claim in 2015, as Obama was winding down his second term.

According to Robert Maguire of Citizens for Ethics, Trump has now officially surpassed the number he balked at in 2015—and it took him fewer than half as many years as it took Obama.

Also included in the video is a clip of Trump saying he didn't think he'd see two of his prominent resorts—Turnberry and Doral—again if he were elected.

The White House attempted to hold the G7 Summit of world leaders at Doral, until immense backlash at Trump using the White House for the profits of his personal businesses forced the team to change venues.

Reports from earlier this year also showed that the military had spent hundreds of thousands of dollars at the Turnberry resort, staying there overnight while refueling their planes.

The grift is strong.

Talk about sub-par.