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CNN Host Calls Out Donald Trump for Sexism After He Tells Female Reporter to 'Relax' During Press Briefing

CNN Host Calls Out Donald Trump for Sexism After He Tells Female Reporter to 'Relax' During Press Briefing

In a weekend press briefing regarding the global pandemic, CBS White House correspondent Weijia Jiang asked President Donald Trump about his decision to hold numerous campaign rallies in early February, despite the virus spreading.

Jiang asked why Trump didn't warn his supporters and other Americans of the virus's spread, choosing instead to dismiss the threat it posed.

Watch below.

Jiang asked:

"Why did you wait so long to warn them, and why did you not have social distancing until March 16?"

Trump proceeded to ask her which publication she was with. After Jiang identified herself, she proceeded to remind Trump that the so-called ban on travel from China—a measure he often touts—occurred after the virus was already spreading throughout the United States and still allowed for hundreds of thousands of U.S. travelers to enter from China.

Trump patronized Jiang:

"Nice and easy. Nice and easy. Just relax."

He proceeded to spout similar talking points about China before telling her to keep her voice down.

That didn't sit well with CNN's Dana Bash.

Watch below.

Dana Bash calls out Trump's treatment of female

Bash noted that, while Trump is known to bicker with male reporters, he seems particularly venomous toward female reporters—a bias that was evident when he told Jiang to "relax."

Bash said:

"Come on. She was asking completely legitimate questions...she was asking great questions, just like Yamiche from PBS, our colleague Kaitlan Collins. And so, I think it's important to call it out that there is a difference in the way he reacts when he is getting a tough question. Not that he liked Jeremy Diamond's questions or other male reporters' questions when they're tough, but the way he reacts is different and I think it's time to say so."

This isn't the first time Trump has displayed his sexism toward women in the media. During the 2016 campaign, he insinuated that Fox personality Megyn Kelly was menstruating when she asked him a tough question at a Republican primary debate.

As Bash pointed out, he's frequently lashed out at PBS News Hour correspondent Yamiche Alcindor and other female reporters, even complimenting their smiles and patronizing them about their own profession.

Bash wasn't the only one who noticed.

They commended Jiang and Bash for holding him accountable.

There's one way to deal with a misogynist in the White House. Are you registered to vote?

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