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Exxon Had to Officially Deny Trump Called Them to Offer a Favor for Campaign Cash After Bonkers Rally Rant


Last year, President Donald Trump was impeached for using the power of the Oval Office to benefit his reelection chances.

The White House was holding up congressionally approved aid to Ukraine when Trump spoke to its newly elected President. Trump asked him to "do us a favor" and investigate former Vice President Joe Biden's ties to an energy company there, falsely claiming Biden improperly used his office to oust a prosecutor investigating the company.

Trump fervently denounced the existence of a "quid pro quo," but at a rally on Monday, the President presented a hypothetical that sparked more concerns about similar White House corruption.

Watch below.

The President was lamenting Biden's recent record-breaking campaign donations, insisting that he could raise those kinds of funds too if he were to use his executive powers.

Trump said:

"But when I started calling, I would be the greatest fundraiser in history ... So I call some guy at the head of Exxon, I called ahead of Exxon, I don't know, I'll use a company. 'Hi, how you doing? How's the energy coming? When are you doing the exploration? Oh, you need a couple of permits. Huh? Okay.' But I call the head of Exxon, I say, 'I'd love you to send me $25 million for the campaign.'"

The clip generated confusion at first, with many thinking that Trump was using an actual example.

This led the oil company used in the President's hypothetical, ExxonMobil, to issue a statement insisting that the President never spoke to them.

Again, Trump was lambasted for fueling chaos with off-the-cuff statements and not recognizing the power of his words while in office.

While the situation was hypothetical, some had no doubt that Trump wouldn't hesitate to execute it in real life.

Trump's former Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson, was the CEO of ExxonMobil until his appointment at the White House.