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'The New Yorker' Perfectly Eviscerates Trump's Coronavirus Response With Latest Blistering Cover

'The New Yorker' Perfectly Eviscerates Trump's Coronavirus Response With Latest Blistering Cover
Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images

All too often, words seem insufficient to describe the latest scandal or atrocity from the administration of President Donald Trump.

That's usually when The New Yorker steps in.

Famous for its headline-free covers, illustrators have perfectly captured the administration's mob-like tendencies or the subservience of once respected Senators to Trump's every whim.

Now, it's captured the Trump administration's dismissal of the increasingly dangerous corona virus pandemic.

Check it out.

The Brian Stauffer cover shows Trump wearing one of the face masks that have become ubiquitous as people try to avoid catching the virus—only Trump is wearing his on his eyes.

It's a stunning representation of the way Trump has continued to dismiss the gravity of the virus, which in two months has nearly triple the number of cases Ebola garnered in three years.

After a disastrous press conference, Trump was further criticized for appointing Vice President Mike Pence, whom many deemed unqualified for his handling of an HIV outbreak in his home state of Indiana, as well as other questionable stances. Experts at the Center for Disease Control and the National Institute of Health now have to clear potentially life saving updates through Pence, an abnormal policy that could slow or censor public awareness of the virus in the administration's effort to control the messaging around it.

A whistleblower revealed that Trump administration officials evacuating Americans in China with the virus weren't wearing proper protective gear, nor had they received proper training. The administration was also chastised for only requesting a paltry $2.5 billion in emergency funding, which even Republican lawmakers believe won't cover a domestic outbreak that grows more inevitable by the day.

In the face of all that, this New Yorker cover said it all.

People have come to feel that Trump's handling of the coronavirus so far isn't just bumbling—it's dangerous, with the worst yet to come.

Trump has since assured that one day, the virus will suddenly disappear "like a miracle."

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