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Donald Trump Claims No One Gets Under His Skin, but His Response to Bloomberg Joke Proves Otherwise

Donald Trump Claims No One Gets Under His Skin, but His Response to Bloomberg Joke Proves Otherwise
Fox News

President Donald Trump's Twitter often ranges from caps-laden screeds against standard oversight to patronizing nicknames for his rivals.

The country has learned to gauge the President's mood by the number of times he's tweeted or retweeted in a day (the record is 142, when the House impeachment managers were giving their opening arguments).

Nevertheless, the President claimed in a recent interview that nothing gets under his skin.

Watch below.

Trump was confronted with a quote from former New York mayor and current presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg. When Bloomberg was asked if the country wanted a race between two New York billionaires (meaning him and Trump), Bloomberg replied "Who's the other one?" alluding to rumors that Trump inflates his wealth.

The reporter asked Trump if Bloomberg was trying to get under his skin, to which the President responded:

"No, he's Mini Mike. He did a poor job, his last term, he was terrible...who gets under my skin? Y'know how many times I've been asked that question? Like, everybody who runs, they say 'Is it true that he's under your skin?' Michael's doing very poorly, you look at his poll numbers. He's spending a lot of money...he's doing very poorly. I think they're all doing poorly, because according to every poll, I'm leading every one of them by a lot."

By 9:40 AM, the President had already tweeted or retweeted 14 times on January 31, mostly boasting about recent polls and railing against the House impeachment managers making the case against him in the Senate.

People scoffed at the claim that nothing gets under the President's skin.

Trump famously refused to fly the White House flags at half staff after the death of Senator John McCain (R-AZ), widely considered a war hero with unshakeable principles by both sides of the aisle. Trump didn't lower the flags until after national outcry. The reason for Trump's animus? McCain voted against repealing Obamacare without a replacement.

When a female anchor is critical of him, Trump claims she's bleeding "from a face-lift" or that she has blood "coming out of her whatever."

When people pointed out that Trump was incorrect to claim Hurricane Dorian was headed for Alabama in 2019, Trump edited an official weather forecast with permanent marker to show the storm hitting Alabama, rather than simply correcting himself. He then presented the map in the Oval Office.

The man's skin is thinner than the pages of a bible.

For a book that's really getting under Trump's skin lately, you can pre-order The Room Where It Happened by former National Security Advisor John Bolton here.