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Will There Be a New Episode of 'Black Lightning' on Tonight?

Last week's episode of Black Lightning left us wondering. What happens after Jefferson and Lynn finally learn of their daughter Anissa's powers? What is Gambi's relationship and history with Lady Eve?

Tonight, Black Lightning will release an all-new episode at 9/8CT on The CW. The new episode is called, "Equinox: Book of Fate."

After a run-in with Tobias Whale's right-hand man, Joey Toledo, Black Lightning is wounded. Yet he still manages to come out on top in a dazzling fight against a mysterious masked vigilante. Black Lightning knocks his opponent unconscious. After removing her mask he discovers that the mystery woman is his own daughter, Anissa. As Anissa is back home and healing from her wounds, her father reveals to her that he is Black Lightning.

After much foreshadowing throughout the last few episodes, father and daughter have finally shared their true selves with each other. Book of Thunder was Anissa's big reveal to her parents. If the comic books are any indication, this isn't the last we've seen of Thunder.

We know that thunder is a direct result of lightning. In the Pierce family, this is no different. Anissa grew up with her father's quest to save the world. Now that her powers have been revealed to him, all of us are wondering if Jefferson and Anissa will join together to fight The 100 gang.

Episode Titles

Episode titles in Black Lightning have been a subtle predictor of the episode to come. Last week's Black Lightning episode was titled "Three Sevens: The Book of Thunder." This hinted to us that Anissa, whose superhero name in DC comics is Thunder, would have her big reveal. Three sevens or 777 is a number that symbolizes releasing fears and finding your inner strength. In numerology, the number seven signifies flashes of insight, truth and instant knowing. It is no coincidence that the number seven looks like a lightning bolt.

The title of Black Lightning episode seven, airing tonight, is"Equinox: Book of Fate." This title also hints at the content of this upcoming episode. An equinox is a celestial event where daytime and nighttime are of almost exactly equal length all over the world.

Is this a symbolic reference to the battle between Black Lightning and The 100? In the promo for episode 7, we see Lady Eve lose her composed demeanor and show us a terrifying side of herself. Does this mean that Black Lightning makes progress in the fight against The 100?

I think it is safe to predict that this week on Black Lightning we will see Jefferson train Anissa to be ready to fight alongside him against The 100 gang. We can also expect to get closer to unraveling the mystery of Gambi's past with the ASA and Lady Eve.

As The CW's newest hit series, Black Lightning has a rating of 100% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Black Lightning has already earned a loyal fanbase who takes to Twitter to share their questions and approval.