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Angele & Gabrielle's Relationship Update: '60 Days In'

On A&E's 60 Days In, nine people pose as inmates and go undercover for 60 days at a prison in Atlanta.

Over the course of the season, one of the show's undercover participants, Angele, became romantically involved with a real inmate, Gabrielle. The two grew close as the season progressed, and eventually, Angele admitted to Gabrielle that she was an undercover inmate.

In episode 11, Angele told A&E's cameras, "When I realized how intimate we were getting and how close we were getting, I was just like, okay. I got to be upfront with her. I just let her know, look, I'm in here as an undercover inmate."

When the producers asked Angele if she understood how serious blowing her cover was, she said, "Yeah. Kind of." The producer then said, "This is really serious. Because it's not about Gabrielle and your relationship, but it's about how that can get out. You might trust Gabrielle, but things get out."

Asked by the producers how much Gabrielle was told about the program, Angele said, "All she knows is that I'm in here as an undercover inmate and that I'm supposed to be exposing the, like, grimy shit that's going on within the facility. She thinks I'm the only one."

Unfortunately, Angele was wrong, and Gabby did spill the beans to other inmates. At that point, the plug was pulled on the program.

She Is in a 'New Relationship'

In The Aftermath, which aired last week, Angele is asked if she is still with Gabby. She says, "Um, yeah, she actually called me the other night." Angele says since filming stopped, she has had difficulty dating other women because of her love for Gabby.

On Sunday, however, she took to Instagram with a video. In the post, Angele says she has a new girlfriend. "... if you were to tell me a year and a half later that I'd be an entrepreneur, owning my own brand... that at this day, I'd be going to NYU to be a panelist on a huge conference... that I'd have a new partner, and we're going to be hitting our one year anniversary... Keep your head up. Because when you think you're losing, sometimes God has a way to show you that you're actually winning."

The third video in the same post shows Angele and her presumed new girlfriend kissing.