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Andrew Lloyd Webber's Wife Madeleine Gurdon: Everything to Know

Famous English composer, Andrew Lloyd Webber is known almost as much for being a self-described "ladies man" as he is for his work on Broadway. After composing 13 hit musicals and two film scores, among other work, Andrew Lloyd Webber has earned his place among the greats. In 2001, The New York Times referred to him as "the most commercially successful composer in history." Therefore it is no surprise that NBC is doing a special tribute to him tonight at 10pm ET. While his musical success is known, not much has been shared about his current wife, Madeleine Gurdon. Read on for everything to know about Madeleine Gurdon and Andrew Lloyd Webber's three marriages.

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Who is Andrew Lloyd Webber's Current Wife, Madeleine Gurdon?

Madeleine Astrid Gurdon married Andrew Lloyd Webber on February 9th, 1991 in Westminster in the UK. Although she is fifteen years Webber's junior, Gurdon and Webber have been married 27 years.

Even though her father was a British Army Officer, Gurdon had no interest in joining the military. Madeleine Gurdon was educated in a convent and introduced to competitive horse riding at a young age. First, she enjoyed a decade-long career as an equestrian competitor, riding in three-day events in Princess Anne's set.

As well as her riding career, Gurdon designed clothes. In light of her connection to equestrian riding, her designs focused on country wear. She not only created exclusive designs, but also focused on leather and suede materials. The company was named The Done Thing, after her favorite dun horse.

Madeleine Gurdon met Andrew Lloyd Webber through his horse-loving neighbors.

When Andrew Lloyd Webber was named a Baron, Gurdon became a Baroness. Despite her husband's success, Madeleine Gurdon's net work is only estimated at $200,000.

Together, the couple has three children, two sons and one daughter. First, a son named Alastair Adam Lloyd Webber who was born May 3, 1992. Second, a son named William Richard Lloyd Webber who was born August 24, 1993. And third, their daughter Isabella Aurora Lloyd Webber was born April 30, 1996.

Recently, the couple went on a vacation together to Barbados. They have been happily married for almost 30 years. Together, they currently reside in Hampshire and London.

The Three Marriages of Andrew Lloyd Webber

Prior to his marriage to Madeleine Gurdon, Andrew Lloyd Webber was married twice before.

In 1971, Andrew Lloyd Webber married Sarah Hugill. During their marriage, which lasted from 1971-1983, Hugill and Webber had two children. First, a daughter named Imogen Lloyd Webber born March 31, 1977. Second, a son named Nicholas Lloyd Webber, born July 2, 1979.

After his 12-year marriage to Sarah Hugill came a marriage to Sarah Brightman. Andrew Lloyd Webber and Sarah Brightman had no children together, notwithstanding their 6-year marriage from 1984-1990.

From Twitter, it's clear that even at 70, Andrew Lloyd Webber lives a wonderful and fun-filled life!