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Who Was Voted off 'The Bachelor' Tonight?

Tonight, fans became better acquainted with the ladies vying for Arie Luyendyk Jr's heart. The girls all made it clear they're falling for the race car driver, but in the end, some were sent home. Who was eliminated on tonight's episode?

Jenny, Valerie, and Lauren G. and were sent home on tonight's episode.

Arie's First One-On-One Was with Becca K

So what drama went down before people were eliminated? Episode two of The Bachelor started out with a one-on-one date between Arie and Becca. Arie introduced Becca to designer Rachel Zoe, and she was lucky enough to leave part one of her date with some designer dresses and a pair of Louis Vuitton shoes. The girls were incredibly jealous... and that jealously became more intense when Arie whisked Becca off to dinner. The two shared an intimate kiss... and a lot of chemistry.

Krystal Met His Parents

For his second one-on-one, Arie brought Krystal to his hometown to meet his family. They took a tour of his high school, and spent some time at Arie's parents house. His parents seemed to take a liking to her-- Arie even commented that his mom loved her.

The group date involved 15 women all going to a racetrack to play... well, bumper cars. And that did not go over well for Annaliese, who started crying because she was involved in what she called a traumatic bumper car accident when she was young.

The 'Bashelor Demolition Derby' was hosted by race car driver Robby Gordon and Chris Harrison. The girls were rough, but in the end, they all had a good time. Sienne, the commercial real estate agent from Newport Beach, ended up victorious in the derby.

During the group date dinner, Chelsea pulled Arie aside to tell him that she has a 3-year-old son. That went over well, and Arie made it clear he's totally supportive of her.  When it came to the cocktail party, things got heated. Arie started out the night checking in on Brittany T. who was bettered during the demolition derby.

While Arie was busy locking lips with Bekah, Bibiana was going on about how she didn't have enough time with him. Things came to a head between Bibiana and Krystal when the latter tried to steal some time with the bachelor. Bibiana's advice to Krystal if she were to be voted off? Sleep with one eye open. (Luckily, she's safe.)