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Video Compilation Shows Trump Telling the Same Story Four Different Times Featuring Different People Each Time

Video Compilation Shows Trump Telling the Same Story Four Different Times Featuring Different People Each Time
Mark Wilson/Getty Images

Questions continue to be raised about the mental and physical health of President Donald Trump.

Slurred or rambling speech has been caught on camera at MAGA rallies and other presidential events.

Now The Washington Post reported President Trump told a story about a conversation he had with a Jewish friend four times during the course of Hanukkah events at the White House this week, at a MAGA rally and another event previously. But in each telling, different people were featured as Trump's Jewish friend.

Trump told the near-identical anecdotes during two different White House Hanukkah receptions Wednesday. Trump used his story to claim Jewish people considered the termination of the Iran nuclear deal a significant development.

At the first reception, Trump said his friend was New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft. At the second reception he claimed the friend was real-estate developer Charles Kushner, father of White House Advisor Jared Kushner.

Before Wednesday, Trump told the story on December 7 and mentioned casino mogul Sheldon Adelson as the Jewish friend. But in the first telling on September 9, he only referred to anonymous Jewish "people."

At the first Hanukkah reception, Trump said to the gathered crowd:

"I said, 'Bob Kraft [New England Patriots owner], which is bigger [moving the embassy to Jerusalem or the Golan Heights]? Which is more important to the Jewish people?' He said, 'Neither.' I said, 'What does that mean?' He said, 'What you did by terminating the Iran nuclear deal is bigger than both.' I think that's true."

Then at the second reception, Trump referenced his son-in-law's father. This time Trump said:

"I said, 'Charlie [Kushner], let me ask you, what's bigger for the Jewish people: giving the embassy to Jerusalem, it becomes the capital of Israel. What's bigger? That or the Golan Heights?' He said, 'Neither.' I said, 'What does that mean?' He said, 'The biggest thing of all is what you did by ending the Iran nuclear catastrophe.' I think that's true."

Just four days prior to the Wednesday receptions, the President said:

"I said to Sheldon [Adelson], 'What do you think was bigger? … Israel and the embassy going in, and it became Jerusalem, the capital of Israel? Or the Golan Heights?' He said, 'Neither.'"

The story ended the same way this time as well, with Adelson saying the President withdrawing from the Iran nuclear accord was the biggest thing for "the Jewish people."

Trump has often been accused of lying about conversations he has to justify or fake public support for his actions. Usually the speakers are anonymous members of whatever group Trump is trying to gain favor with.

In the first telling in September, it was indeed anonymous "Jewish people" who he questioned and who told him how right he was to withdraw from the nuclear accord with Iran.

While lying about conversations that never occurred would not be new, the contradiction Trump made with prior versions of the same story, especially on two events on the same day gave people pause.

The individuals Trump mentioned by name were in the room with him at least twice when he mentioned their names, but it's unclear if any of those conversations actually happened.

None of the people mentioned have corroborated Trump's story.

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