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Questions continue to be raised about the mental and physical health of President Donald Trump.

Slurred or rambling speech has been caught on camera at MAGA rallies and other presidential events.

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Michael Kovac/Getty Images for CORE, formerly J/P HRO; Alex Wong/Getty Images

President Donald Trump continues to face backlash over comments he made about Jewish Americans who vote Democratic.

But two of Trump's favorite White House advisers are American Jews: Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump. What did they think of the President's comments?

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Head of AJC, David Harris with Thanos Dimadis, a journalist for Second Nexus.

In an exclusive interview with Second Nexus, the head of the American Jewish Committee, David Harris, speaks about his expectations, hopes, and concerns over the Trump administration’s handling of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This comes on the heels of the recent White House meeting between Trump and Netanyahu. Mr. Harris recently sent an open letter to President Trump, and in our interview, he explains the reasons for this letter.

By Jay Kuo

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