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Trump Forgot Which Iowa City He Was In And Had To Be Corrected On Stage At Rally

After Donald Trump addressed 'Sioux Falls' at his Sioux City rally, he had to be corrected on stage by a local elected official.

Donald Trump and Bradley Zaun

A frequent Republican complaint—and source of mockery—about Democratic President Joe Biden centers on his age and a supposed cognitive decline. Former GOP President Donald Trump often makes fun of Biden with nicknames like "sleepy Joe."

While Biden is 80-years-old, Trump isn't far behind at 77. By contrast, progressive Vermont independent Senator Bernie Sanders is older than both men at 82.

On Sunday it wasn't Biden or Sanders who seemed a bit lost, though.

Trump either forgot or never knew where he was during a MAGA rally in Sioux City, Iowa that was part of his 2024 presidential campaign.

Trump told his gathered fans:

“Hello to a place where we’ve done very well, Sioux Falls. Thank you very much.”

You can watch the moment here:

But Sioux Falls isn't even in Iowa.

Sioux City—where Trump actually was—is in western Iowa on the border with neighboring Nebraska to the west and South Dakota to the north. Sioux Falls is over an hour north via Interstate 29 in South Dakota.

Iowa GOP state Senator Bradley Zaun addressed the crowd after Trump. As Zaun was leaving the stage he whispered the name of the city Trump was in to the former Republican President who could be heard saying "Oh...."

Once he returned to the microphone, Trump didn't acknowledge or apologize for his mistake.

Instead the former President—who has bragged about passing a cognitive competence exam—said:

"So, Sioux City, let me ask you, how many people come from Sioux City, how many people? How many?"
"Who doesn’t come from Sioux City? Where the hell do you come from?"

People were unsurprised Trump misspoke then tried to gloss over his error.

Some called out conservative media's double standards.

During his speech, Trump stated:

"I go around saying of course we’re going to win Iowa. My people said 'you cannot assume that'."
"There’s no way Iowa is voting against Trump."

Trump also attempted to invoke his strongman persona, claiming:

"...the way I talk, I stop wars... we finished wars."