Donald Trump Cited Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham and Tucker Carlson as 'Legal Scholars' Who Oppose Impeachment


The House Intelligence Committee submitted to the House Judiciary Committee its 300 page report of information gleaned from fact witnesses so far in the ongoing impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump.

In addition to reiterating the testimony of several witnesses regarding Trump's corrupt dealings with Ukraine, the report also highlighted call records between numerous key players in the Ukraine scandal.

Despite impeachment support rising amidst a wealth of revelations throughout the course of the Intelligence Committee hearings, President Donald Trump—in London for the NATO Summit—dismissed the report that developed from them.

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Trump cited his favorite Fox News opinion hosts—Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, and Tucker Carlson—as his sources for evaluations of the report, saying:

"I saw [the report] and it's a joke. Everybody is saying it. And I watched reviews. I watched Sean Hannity, I watched Laura Ingraham, I watched Tucker Carlson, I watched a lot of other legal scholars, frankly."

Hannity, a peddler of the conspiracy theory that Ukraine meddled in the 2016 election, said the report was "chock full of nothing but conspiracy theories." Ingraham called it a "dud." Tucker Carlson has previously stated he's rooting for Russia's defeat against Ukraine's democracy.

None of the three have credibility as legal scholars. What's more, due to the time difference in London, the President would have to have been watching their shows overnight.

But whatever makes Trump feel better, right?

Impeachment hearings against Trump continue in the House Judiciary Committee this week.

Scott Olson/Getty Images // Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The defense team in President Donald Trump's impeachment trial spent its second day of arguments defending Rudy Giuliani, bashing House Democrats, and ignoring bombshell developments regarding former National Security Advisor John Bolton that broke in the days before.

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Ken Starr, a conservative pundit and frequent Fox News guest, is best known for his dogged attacks to find impeachable offenses by President Bill Clinton during a multi-year investigation into every aspect of the Clinton family's lives.

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New allegations from former National Security Advisor John Bolton in his upcoming memoir have thrown a wrench into the efforts of President Donald Trump's impeachment defense team to bypass a vote for additional witnesses.

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Congressman Justin Amash (I-MI) left the Republican Party in July of last year after frustration with its enabling of President Donald Trump.

Since then, Amash has publicly taken Trump and others to task for lying, and he sided with Democrats in favor of Trump's impeachment by the House of Representatives.

Amash is at it again after Trump tried to dismiss new allegations by former National Security Advisor John Bolton, who wrote in a manuscript of his upcoming memoir that Trump sought to withhold congressionally approved aid from Ukraine until its President announced investigations into the Bidens.

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