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Dem Rep. Wore A Smurf Tie During Oversight Hearing To Troll GOP Chair—And People Are Obsessed

Democratic Congressman Jared Moskowitz had X users howlling with his choice to wear a Smurf tie to the Oversight Committee hearing on Wednesday to troll committee chair James Comer.

Democratic Congressman Jared Moskowitz

Florida Democratic Representative Jared Moskowitz reclaimed a belittling remark hurled by the Republican chair of the Oversight Committee, James Comer, by wearing a Smurf tie at Wednesday's hearing.

Back in November, Comer railed into Moskowitz during a hearing on oversight of the General Services Administration and mocked Moskowitz by saying he looked like a Smurf.

Moskowitz was wearing a blue suit and blue tie at the time they clashed on the topic of a loan Democratic President Joe Biden gave his brother before taking office.

On Wednesday, lawmakers debated a resolution to hold Biden's son Hunter in contempt of Congress for not testifying in a closed-door deposition as part of their impeachment probe of his father.

Moskowitz showed up in a blue suit, this time wearing a tie with the cartoon Smurf character on it, as a cheeky nod to Comer's dig at him.

Can you see it now?


Here is video footage of Moskowitz challenging his GOP colleagues to hear from Hunter Biden, who made a surprise appearance as a witness on Wednesday.

Social media users got a kick out of the obvious trolling effort.

In November's hearing, Moskowitz suggested that Comer, who is leading the charge for the impeachment inquiry into the Biden family's business dealings, had performed a similar wire transfer with his brother over land swaps tied to a non-existent family company.

The Democratic lawmaker told Comer:

“You owe it to the American people to explain why you’ve gone on Fox News and told people that while the president was out of office he had a loan with his brother, and in a way they were evading taxes."
"It has come out in the public that you also do business with your brother with potential loans.”

Moskowitz added:

“And so, since you have framed that and manipulated that with the American people, that Joe Biden did something wrong when he wasn’t in office, I just would like to know if you would like to use some of my time−.”

As Moskowitz tried to reclaim his time, Comer interrupted him, saying:

“I would love—I would love it. You retweeted that story, completely false. I’ve never loaned my brother one penny."
"My father, who was a dentist, had some farmland. He died, and my brother couldn’t afford–he wanted to sell it, but he wanted to keep it in the family."
"So, I bought it from my brother.”

Comer added:

“You look like a Smurf, here, just going around and all this stuff.”